3rd Annual Coin Drive!

January 20, 2020, 1:03pm

PS 267 Presents the 3rd Annual COIN DRIVE.  Kick Off begins on the 100th Day of School: February 14th.  The classroom with the most money raised will will a special prize!

Feb 14-19: 100 Coins to kick off the drive, All students are asked to bring in any combination of 100 coins either rolled or in a labeled envelope or ziplock bag to kick off our drive.

Feb 20-26: Nickel & Dime Time, If you roll your dimes and nickels, can you collect as many dollars as how old you are, or more?

Feb 27 - Mar 5: Dollar Dollar Bills Y'All, Did you know we also accept dollar bills. Can you ask your child to help around the house, make their bed or take out the trash? Can they use their dollars they've earned to help support our school?

Mar 5: Empty your pockets at Parent Teacher Conference Night!

The purpose of the coin drive is to foster our children's understanding of money, recognition of coins *dollar bills are welcome and encouraged* while also earning money for our school

Questions, please email our chairperson, Nicole Russo at ps267pta@gmail.com