Afterschool Programs

Wingspan Arts



Club Wingspan is an on-site afterschool program at your school!  We offer arts enrichment activities for students every day that school is in session, and our programs run until 6PM.  Wingspan Arts is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, and the programs are fully-insured.

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Chess NYC

Chess NYC logo


Chess NYC has long established itself as the leader in Chess excellence and education. The Chess NYC philosophy is to emphasize the sport and fun of Chess...

Providing engaging, accelerated instruction followed by supervised, spirited play, each student associates Chess with fun, and therefore larger numbers of them ultimately excel or at least become proficient in the great, significant, game of Chess...From there?... Excellence!

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Simply Sports

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Simply Sports is a 501-C-3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing children with supervised, fundamental learning experiences in an athletic setting. Simply Sports always focuses on the positive, fun aspects of learning enabling each child to enjoy the instruction and develop both their aptitude and self-confidence. Our motto is fun, friendship & fair play.

  • Drop in option is available space permitting. Please contact Simply Sports by 5pm the day prior to inquire.

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After School Pick Up Procedures

1) In order to comply with the scheduled 6pm school door closing, please plan for all children to be picked up by 5:50 pm.  Any pick-up after 6pm is subject to a late fee. 

2) The teachers receive a complete list of all the children enrolled in afterschool at the start of each semester. If your child registers for a class after the semester begins, signs up for a drop-in class, or if your child’s afterschool schedule changes in any way, you must send a note to the classroom teacher in their orange folder and let them know.   

3) All parents/caregivers must sign out at the security desk and all names need to be legible for documentation. 

4) Please be sure that the list of people authorized to pick up your children from afterschool is up-to-date with the appropriate afterschool affiliates.  If a situation occurs where a person is picking up a child that is not on the approved pick-up list, the parents/caregivers must contact the proper affiliate in advance of pick-up to let them know. 

5) Anyone picking up should have a photo ID on hand if asked, especially if it is someone new.